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Semin Hekmaty 
Registered Nurse

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            Hello, my name is Semin Hekmaty. I would like to welcome you to my Eportfolio. As you browse this site, I hope to leave with an insight of who I am, not just as a nurse, but also as a human being. 
I graduated from the RN to BSN program at SUNY Empire State College on January 2014.  Prior to that I graduated with an associate degree in Nursing from Queensborough Community College on June 2011. I had the honor of learning great nursing care from a group of talented, well-educated nurses.  They gave me the knowledge and skills necessary to help me provide safe and competent care to the community.  Since becoming a registered nurse, I have been working my dream job and loving every second of it.
I have spent 2 years working in a cardiology office performing stress tests, processing 24 hour holter monitors, booking electrophysiology procedures and much more.  I had the privilege of working with 7 of the most well experienced cardiologists and one very passionate nurse practitioner.  They have provided me with outstanding hands-on experience and have shown me how a great support team, clear communication, and timely action can positively impact the outcome of any situation.  South Shore Heart Associates was not just my work place; it was my home.  I will always remember them, not as the my fellow co-workers, but as my family.  
On October 17, 2014 I finally married my best friend and love of my life.  This is what brought me to Prince William County in Northern Virginia.  As a professional, I am committed to continue my education and hopefully become a nurse practitioner.  In doing so, I will become a better advocate for my clients and a role model for my siblings.
As I pursue my career in nursing, I strive to have a positive effect on the lives of my patients as they have for me. I am looking forward to the opportunity of working with an outstanding facility to help our community and our nation strive for a better health and a better future.
If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me. Thank you for your time and patience. 

With regards,

Semin Hekmaty, RN


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