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Patricia (Pat) Sharp, Dr  Certified faculty

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Patricia (Pat) E. Sharp
I am a neurophysiologist with 30+ years working on the neurobiology of cognition. For this I have studied the electrical activity of individual brain cells in research animals as they perform cognitive tasks. 
More recently, however, I have undergone a major shift in emphasis. Specifically, I have become interested in the neurobiology of Buddhist meditation.   Based on careful reading of Buddhist texts, along with my own and others' experience with meditation practice, I am in the process of developing a neural network theory for how the brain changes during, and as a result of Buddhist meditation and practice.  
Please visit my blog "Buddhist Practice and the Sacred Brain" (accessible via the tab on the left) to see this work in progress. 
Also, please visit the Showcase tab on the left to access a recent paper from the Journal of Consciousness Studies, Volume 18, pages 137 - 169.
Finally, here is a link to the publisher's website for my most recent publication on this topic:
To view a complete list of my publications, click on the Resume tab to the left. 
Teaching Interests
I teach courses in Basic Neuroscience, Psychopharmacology, the Neurobiology of Happiness, and Buddhist Psychology.
Research Interests
Mind/body problem. Neurobiology of Buddhist Meditation. Neurobiology of Emotion.

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