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Norman Lorenz, M.Ed. 
Professor of Education

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My Bio

Tenured Professor

Los Rios Community College District; 

Early Childhood Programs,

Sacramento City College - August 2008- Present

Staff Resource Coordinator- June 2012-2014

Full time faculty, tenured Professor, instructing college courses in, "Introduction to Child Development", "Theories of Development", "Child, Family, and Community", Life Span Development, Computer Skills for Teacher Educators, Elementary Teacher Preparation, and "Supervision and Administration" programs.  Responsible for instructing academic subject matter concerning early childhood, elementary education & school age programs specifically through laboratory, observations, and field study assignments.  Continuing education includes annual conferences in early childhood and elementary education and revising syllabi to meet updated text as they are adopted through the college. Participation of adjunct duties includes the early education advisory committee, senator with the Faculty Academic Senate, and personnel evaluator for adjunct faculty.

 As the Staff Resource Initiative Coordinator for 2012-2014, I work cooperatively with the Staff of the Resource Center, and specialize in the planning and implementation of events that are specific to Staff Development. The initiatives aims to develop and enhance "Leading Through Change", particularly focusing on professional development and skill sets that strengthen learning dynamics across campus life between faculty, staff, and students . 

Teaching Interests
Human development and pedagogical practices including community based learning across Early Education, Elementary School age programs, Child Development Theory, Child, Family, & Community, Life Span Development, ECE & Teacher education. Administration and management courses reflecting Title 5 emphasis. Other areas include Montessori training at the infant, early childhood, & elementary 6-12 credential levels.
Academic Interests
After an accumulation of 30 years in the industry with the range of experience including early childhood, elementary school, and adult vocational education, along with administrative leadership, my past and present experience includes work in curriculum and instruction with focus toward outcomes assessment, staff development, and parent/family training, emphasizing industry standards and benchmarks, and global education with structures in organizational leadership over these disciplines. Specifically, my involvement with the community college system over the past twelve years, both adjunct and as a tenured Professor with Los Rios Community College District has fostered expected levels of professionalism along with directing and instructing an adult Montessori teacher education institution. Furthermore, these experiences have provided stimulation toward expanding the aspects of Visionary Leadership through new styles and trends in education for the community college classroom that more effectively prepares tomorrow’s work force with recognizing the potential in the holistic learning environment, and not merely on standards, but through humanistic relational observation and collaborative interaction. Equally, I believe that accreditation offers the potential to further this vision as schools refine their approaches and more greatly involve the participants in teh classroom as a community of learners. This strategic effort of Policy to Practice involves the modalities of instruction, the sense of instructional guide of unique learning styles for students and colleagues, while also supporting the matriculation of student achievement toward a collaborative partnership of collegial articulation across disciplines that promote a readiness for learning that connects to life preparation from as early as our preschool and elementary school years and beyond into adulthood. My expertise aligns well with the communication and collaborative model currently evolving in early care and education toward addressing ways in which to assist in closing California’s Achievement Gap by enhancing the college environment with a student-center approach and project-based stimulation and interaction. In addition, my past experience in early childhood education has been fostered by an interest in the opportunity to broaden the scope of the Child Development focus to more comprehensively meet the needs of early childhood education as a part of the course work with the instructional practices and methodology of Dr. Maria Montessori’s work in both the private and public sector across the other disciplines for strengthening student access and success. Through research, development with policy and a further interest in building collaborative models between the community college course work, the student teachers in the early childhood industry, and the overall community training toward teacher credentialing in the elementary years will have an eventual impact on the work force as they grow and prosper. Consequently, the continuity that branches throughout the college system has the potential to develop a foundation in the new realms of philosophical content of the training of teachers and systematically expanding across the United States. Ideally, our presence in the fore front of the developing trends for all the divisions of education concerning student and collegial development will regard this institutions recognition as supportive to the current reform model in the United States Department of Education as well as internationally challenged through the legislative levels branching into a Education P-16 worldwide system. Hence, a revolutionary design for student learning and participation.
Research Interests
With regard to Data for Decision Making, the opportunities that I have experienced have been to participate in our states 21st Century leadership in decision making based on the topic areas mentioned. Specifically, the data toward teacher preparation success through instructional strategies including areas of education innovation demonstrate a stronger level of student achievement when community based experiences are incorporated into the physical learning environment. Therefore, driving the data of student success as a result, facilities, philosophy of the environment and teacher instruction reveal a marked improvement upon academic achievement when the physical, emotional and social structures are embedded across the academic disciplines. This speaks directly to the implementation of policies into practice. Furthermore, with a refined sense of leadership skills concerning the areas of communication and professionalism for all students and colleagues in Early Childhood and elementary teacher preparation and education programs, the assessment of driven data clearly exhibits stronger outcomes and student success and achievement through a more holistic and life preparatory approach across all career paths. More specifically, I have interest for students to develop electronic portfolios with resources in enhancing their own field of study.
Consulting Interests
My consulting consists of various programs in North America, in the United States and Canada, working in program quality delivery and contract support concerning infrastructure, my skills and abilities in the field of education and administration lead me through pathways of research and practice of implementation in the education field including Montessori education and Title 5 subsidized programs across California.

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