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8th Grade US History
Welcome to 8th Grade US History! 
My name is  Megan Puckett, I grew up in Cy Fair and attended, Copeland, Thornton, opened Aragon as an 8th Grader and graduated from Langham Creek! I went on to get a degree in education with a minor in History from Texas A&M University (Whoop!). I am VERY passionate about History and a number of other things. My students will tell you Ms. Puckett is not just a "fan" she is a "superfan". I don't just "like" things, I LOVE THEM. To name a few: Harry Potter, Hunger Games, One Direction, Reading, and Taylor Swift. I love sharing my passions with students and likewise hearing about the things that excite them!
US History Calendar: Is a tentative outline and is subject to change.
Grading Period: Notes will be posted here. YouTube videos are USUALLY posted here as well but when in doubt check our YouTube Channel at
Homework: Is posted here in case students lose their original copy. Even if there are technical difficulties students are still required to turn in their homework on Thursday. You were given a copy on Monday and you are responsible for the consequences of not having your homework.
How Do I Study?: These are  helpful tips on how to best study for US History
STAAR: Contains a countdown and reviews for the STAAR Test.
MOCK UN: Is a Model United Nations club for the district that I sponsor
I send out a weekly email. If you currently are not receiving the email please send me an email with your child's name and class period in the subject line!
TwitterFollow @aggiepuckett  
Instagram: aggiepuckett
YouTube Channel: USHistoryisMyFave
Celly: Text @SalyardsUS15 to 23559


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