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Moshe Molefe 
International Political Economy (Sociology)

Political Science

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About Me:

Global Africa Partnership
International Strategic Director

Strategic manager

Rise and Shine Management Services

Project Manager

Turning point Development Services

Expertise and leadership proficiency/ Skills Set

      ²      Research Skills (Quantitative and Qualitative)

²      Financial Management, Budget Planning & Linkage to Corporate Strategy (PFMA)

²      Business Management (General Management, Operations, Transformation, OD,

²      HR, Labour Relations and Performance Management (360 degrees Appraisals)

²      Integrated Training management

²      Performance Management (Supply Chain/ Logistics/ JIT, TQAs)

²      Programme and Project Management

²      Public Relations (Writing corporate reports, Event Management, Marketing (4Ps)

²      Tender System/ Balance Score Card designing

²      Political Economy Analysis (Micro-Macro Economic Analysis)

²      International Trade (WTO Policies on FTA, FDI, GEAR (Structural Adjustment Policies)

²      Legal Analysis (Writing and negotiating business contracts)

²      Business Plan (Designer, Evaluator and Solicitor)

²      Stakeholder Networking

²      Resource Mobilization (Funds, In-kind)

²      Eloquent Public Speaker

²      Speech Writer and Conference Speaker

²      Conflict Management/ Arbitrator/ Mediation

Career Interests
Social Exclusion and and Economic Policy Analyst Economic Development Consultant: Trade and Investment
Research Interests
Research 1: Measuring Good Governance in South African Institutions: Economic Governance (Macro-Economic Policies, Competition Policies) Administrative Governance (Bureaucratic Systems, Public Leadership Corruption Containment) Research 2: Integrating Africa in the Global Economy New Partnership for Africa Development (NEPAD)'s Medium and Long Term Plan: Beyond Euphoria and Optimism Research 3: The Transformation of Corporate South Africa Privatization of State Entereprise Black Economic Empowerment Programme The First and Second Economy Research 4: Industrial Sociology/ Political Sociology Human Resources: Performance Management Policies in the Public Sector
Internship Interests
INTERNSHIP IN THE MULTILATERAL INSTITUTIONS The World Bank International Monitory Fund The Department for International Development (DFID)
Teaching Interests
Development Studies International Political Economy International Migration South African Foreign Policy (Economic Development) Regionalization and Multilateral Institutions (FTAs) (SADC, EU, MERCOSUR, NAFTA)
Consulting Interests
Integrated Local Economic Development Policy Formulation and Implementation Performance-Based Policy Analysis Public Administration Change Management Corporate Governance and Public Policy

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