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MJ McDaniel  Certified faculty
Director Technology, Instructional Support

Weatherford ISD

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Office Phone: (817) 598-2925 ext. 3057
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Welcome to Instructional Technology
Greetings all!  Thank you for visiting the Weatherford Independent School District's Instructional Technology site.  I hope that you will find information to be helpful and supportive of our efforts to integrate technology into teaching and learning. 
Foremost, I hope that you believe as I do, learning has no boundaries or age limits.  Today, with the constant improvements of technology and an explosion of information at our fingertips, it is imperitive that we instill in our students a need and love for learning.  The future professional careers of our young people will have no boundaries.  They will have to be life-long learners in order to insure that they are successful in whatever path they choose to walk down.  Today's students do not live and learn as we did. They are multi-taskers and discovery learners.  As noted in this video, our students enter the classroom with different backgrounds and experiences than we did.  Students are engaged by the use of technology and motivated to learn using digital formats.  If we are creating a world-class learning environment for all children of Weatherford ISD, then it is imperitive that we use the tools of the 21st Century.
I invite you to ask questions, explore options, and collaborate with your peers in this journey for creating the best 21st Century opportunities for all WISD students.  I am on this journey with you. 
In the spirit of life-long learning,
MJ McDaniel
Teaching Interests
Instructional Technology, Teaching with Technology K-12, Web 2.0 tools, 21st Century Education, Technology Curriculum K-12
Research Interests
Online learning, Brain research and learning, Technology and learning
Academic Interests
Technology integration K-12

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