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Dr. Cynthia Mahaffey  Certified faculty
Instructor, General Studies Writing and Women's Studies

Bowling Green State University

Primary Email:
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Office Phone: 419-372-9687 Fax Number: 419-372-8022
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Career Interests
Professor, tenure track, composition and women's studies at a large, diverse state university
Bio and Academic Goals
College writing and women's studies instructor, writer, feminist scholar, out lesbian/social justice activist, mother.

Academic goals for 2011-2012:
Write 2 articles and help students gain college level writing skills

Teaching Interests
Teaching academic writing skills and the skills for success in the academy, research skills, library skills, diversity awareness, LGBT college students and teachers, adult life skills, eportfolio construction
Research Interests
Lesbian and gay professors, queer classroom "geography", professional self-disclosure for lesbian educators, student resistance, butch lesbian subjectivities
Academic Interests
History of women's rhetoric, self-disclosure and teaching by lesbian college educators, student resistance in the college cllassroom, LGBT student learning, lesbian feminist rhetoric
Consulting Interests
Effective teaching of composition, Effective grading and assessment, Teacher Training for managing safe classrooms for LGBT and straight college students

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