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Christopher Lake 
Instructor of Psychology

Doctoral Candidate

Primary Email:
Office Phone: 419.372.4404
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Christopher J. Lake
I am currently a doctoral candidate working toward my Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, OH).  My primary research interests are (a) test/survey development and analysis and (b) judgment and decision-making methods in the workplace. 

Educational Background
Master of Arts, Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Specialization: Psychological Measurement
Bowling Green State University
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology
Minors: Business Administration and Organizational Communications
Central Washington University

I/O Psychology is a small field within the realm of psychology that deals with business principles and scientific methods to empirically study the work environment.  In the words of Paul Spector,  

...many I/O Psychologists are concerned with selecting people who can best perform a job, training people to do the job better, designing jobs so they can be done better, and designing organizations to function better overall.  I/O Psychologists do not deal directly with employee emotional or personal problems.  Instead, they research and draw conclusions about what types of things affect the relationship between organizations and employees. 

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