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Kathy Tiner, PhD 
Mentoring Faculty

School of Educational Leadership and Change

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My Bio
Kathy Tiner, PhD, is a mentoring faculty member of the Educational Leadership and Change Doctoral Program at Fielding Graduate University. In addition, she has been an Associate Dean and founding Director of the Master’s of Arts in Collaborative Educational Leadership (MA-CEL) Program. Dr. Tiner built the MA-CEL program over the last five years to an enrollment of over 120 students in four states – California, Georgia, Minnesota and Wisconsin. She has formed many institutional and programmatic partnerships to build programs both on the MA and Professional Continuing Education levels. These partnerships include ones with Learning Quest, Inc., National Tutoring Association, California Charter School Association, Georgia Charter School Association, Friends Council on Education, National Council of LaRaza, Native Principles Academy, Santa Barbara County Office of Education, and Waldorf Schools. Prior to coming to Fielding, Dr. Tiner was a teacher of children with special needs in both Colorado and Minnesota including work as a Transition Teacher with high school students. Dr. Tiner has received many awards including the Outstanding Employee Award, School District No. 60, Pueblo, CO, Teacher Recognition Award, American Association of Mental Deficiency and Teacher of the Year, Pueblo Association of Retarded Citizens.  Dr. Tiner earned her BS degree in Special Education/Elementary Education at Moorhead State University; her MA in Elementary Education at Adams State and PhD at Fielding Graduate University. She is deeply involved in research on equity, leadership and leadership development in urban and rural settings.
Teaching Interests
Systems Thinking and Intervention, Redefining Curriculum
Research Interests
Action research, Participatory Action Research, Qualitative research, special education, collaborative learning
Consulting Interests

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