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Kate O'Connell 
Major Degree: A.A.S., Nursing (RN)
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Registered Nurse, New York State, Date of Licensure:  6/22/2011
Graduation Day
I am a Nursing School graduate!
Thank you for taking the time to visit and allowing me to share some of my accomplishments, goals, and activities in the healthcare and nursing communities. 
I have been continually humbled by nursing school, by how much there is to learn and how hard it can be at times.  I will be eternally grateful to my professors and to the patients I've been privileged to care for during my clinical rotations.  I would be nowhere without their enduring examples and lessons.  

I am not especially competitive by nature, but it sure is fun to win an award! 
Career Interests
Emergency Nursing, Labor & Delivery, Nurse-midwifery
Research Interests
Family Planning, Women's Health, HIV and STD prevention, Natural Birth, Choices in Childbirth, Evidence-based Nursing Practice in Labor and Delivery
Academic Interests
Complete BSN and continue on for my masters as a CNM.

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