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Julie Reishus 
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Julie Reishus' Electronic Portfolio

The purpose of this portfolio is to compile and showcase my work from my summer as a Communication Intern at Our Saviour's Lutheran Church. The material I've included in this portfolio is evidence of the quality and range of my professional communication abilities, as well as my ability to integrate academic knowledge with my experience in the communication field. I have created this portfolio for presentation to the Hope College Department of Communication and potential employers.

The work I completed and contributed to during my internship is appears in the Showcase section of this portfolio. I've provided brief descriptions of the goals and purpose of, and my specific contributions to, each of my work samples. I posted my answers to various discussion questions about my internship experience in the blog section of the portfolio. My most up-to-date resume can be accessed from the Resume section, and I also used the QuickLinks feature to highlight some relevant websites. 
My first two blog posts go into detail about my internship placement site, Our Saviour's Lutheran Church. For even more information, visit or contact the church:
Our Saviour's Lutheran Church
815 South Washington
Naperville IL 60540
Phone: 630-355-2522
Fax: 630-355-2553
Enjoy my porfolio!


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