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Ali Jafari, Ph.D.  Certified faculty
Founder and, Epsilen LLC

Professor of Engineering, IUPUI

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Ali Jafari, Ph.D.
is professor of Information Technology and Director of the CyberLab at  Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI).  Dr. Jafari is renowned for his research and expertise on smart learning environments, having founded and co-developed several high-profile technology solutions and systems for education, including Indiana University’s Oncourse CMS (now Sakai), ANGEL Learning (acquired by Blackboard in May 2009), and most recently Epsilen Environment.  He has edited three books on portals, Course Management Systems, and ePortfolio, and he has presented in more than one hundred national and international conferences and published in professional and scholarly journals on a variety of subjects in information technology as it relates to teaching and learning.  Dr. Jafari’s research interests include user interface design, agent-based learning environments, intelligent user interfaces, and distance learning.
Welcome note in Farsi

 سلامِ به ائپوتفلیومن خوش امدید. من استاد محندسی دانسگاه ایندیانا و پودو  (IUPUI) هستم. در حال حاصر برای دو سال برای کمپانیئ Epsilen کار میکونم.

About me in Chinese


我是印第安那大学-普渡大学-印第安那波利斯计算机与信息技术系教授,咨讯系兼职教授,计算机虚拟实验室主任(CyberLab)。 我的研究兴趣是从概念和技术维度研究和开发智能学习环境与人工智能。Epsilen Environment 是我目前的研发项目。我真诚地欢迎各位对Epsilen各个方面的评论和建议。请使用下面的快速留言(QuickNote)给我发送消息。
My next keynote talk

 Portal 2010 Conference, Gettysburrge, Pennsylvania, June 8-11, 2010

Most recent book
Handbook of Research on ePortfolios, published spring 2006. 
A single source for comprehensive coverage of the major themes of ePortfolios, addressing all of the major issues, from concept to technology to implementation. Over 100 international experts with countless years of experience lend this handbook the credibility that assures its readers of its extensive, recent, and reliable content. The Handbook of Research on ePortfolios is the first handbook to investigate commercial and academic ePortfolio systems—home-grown, off the shelf, and open source—and to supply proof-of-concept evidence of successful more  order here




EDUCAUSE Review paper, July/August 2006.

“Managing Courses, Defining Learning: What Faculty, Students, and Administrators Want,” EDUCAUSE Review, July/August 2006, Volume 41, Number 4. Click HERE to download.

NG-CMS Whitepaper, released June 1, 2006. 

This whitepaper is the report of my sabbatical research conducted in 2005.  Seven universities were visited and interviewed for this research project. The project focused on the framework of the currently popular L/CMS and asked instructors, students and administrators about their observations and experiences with the current system brands and then asked them to imagine what the next generation of teaching and learning technology should look like. Click HERE to download

2007 IUPUI Featured Scholars

Recognized by the IUPUI Chancellor Charles Bantz as one of the eight featured scholars in Translational Research.
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Colts Person of the Week

Interesting experience featured as the Person of the Week at the Colts game. My nephew Cyrus and I enjoyed watching  the  Colts vs. Bengals game from our row 1 field seats at the new Colts Lucas Oil Stadium.  The picture below is from a short video clip featured on the Jumbotron screens during the second quarter of the game.  Colts Lucas Oil  Stadium,  December  7, 2008

Colts game, person of the week, Dec 7, 08


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