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Harmanpreet Boparai 

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     Hi, my name is Harmanpreet Boparai. I am a graduate nursing student awaiting to take my NCLEX exam.  I obtained my associates in nursing from Queensborough Community College. I am an eager learner and continue to seek education to promote professional and personal growth. Achieving a bachelor’s degree in nursing and eventually going on to become a nurse practitioner is very important to me. I remain optimistic to join Suny Downstate Nursing School for RN-BSN pathway in fall 2011. I hope my portfolio provides an insight to my professional growth.

     Queensborough Community College is recognized for its’ prestigious nursing program. As a graduate of this institution, I am confident in the skills that I acquired and feel prepared to begin my career in nursing.  I strived to gain perfection in clinical skills and learned to incorporate theory into practice. I had the opportunity for clinical rotations at multiple health care institutions. Through my clinical experience at Parker Jewish Nursing Home, Winthrop hospital, NYHQ, Queens General, and Jamaica hospital I gained an appreciation for culturally competent nursing. I strongly believe in involving patients in the care they receive. I believe with proper patient education we can achieve the ultimate goal of health promotion and disease prevention. Nursing Process guided my nursing practice. I have come to learn the importance of accurate assessment, precise intervention and evaluating patient response. With the guidance of these principles and humility, I feel certain that I can live up to the expectations of being an RN.  

     Nursing is a very demanding career. It requires focus, determination, willingness to learn and listen, compassion, and humbleness. I believe that because of these characteristic attributes I was able to successfully complete nursing school. I found nursing school to be life altering experience. I now consider nursing to be my compassion, and a way of life. 

     As you can see I am enthusiastic and very compassionate of the nursing field. I believe that all human beings deserve to be treated equally with dignity, respect, and love. I ambitiously seek an opportunity to rise above and embark my journey in the nursing. Given a chance I am most certain that I can prove myself.

     I feel that my experience in the health care has also prepared me to begin a career in nursing. (See resume) I learned to follow precise physician orders and provide patient instructions. I was also involved in triaging and setting priorities for patient appointments. I have learned a lot from my experience in family medicine and cardiology. I came to acquire a lot of knowledge working closely with RN's, physicians and the interdisciplinary health team.  

     Nursing school presented many challenges. The school offered an accelerated course NU 201 in summer 2010. It was an extremely intense course .Class material was consolidated into eight weeks as opposed a semester. This required even more dedication, focus and consistency. We had eight hour clinical days, and the rest were spent learning theory. I am grateful for faculty that provided guidance through this challenging time. With the help professors known for the excellence in teaching, my hard work and perseverance I was able to successfully complete this course. This assured me that with a will to work hard nothing in life is impossible.

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