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David Czuba 

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About Me
I hold an MBA in Sustainable Business through Green Mountain College, Poultney, Vermont, (named the top 'coolest school' in the nation by Sierra magazine). I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration through The State University of New York at Empire State College, Saratoga Springs, NY, Center for Distance Learning. After researching and applying for admission to several Distance Learning masters programs, I publish the second edition of my book "Distance Learning for Adult Students" available on Amazon's Kindle, the Sony Reader and in paperback. Check it out here under shared files for free! If you or someone you know is interested in returning to school, consider buying them a copy of my book, illustrated for easy reading in just one or two sittings!

Career Interests
Digital Publishing and document management, Educational Advising and Consulting, Sustainable Business Management
Internship Interests
Academic Interests
Higher Education leadership
Research Interests
Distance Learning efficacy, Natural Management, numismatics, American History

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