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Christine J. Chang, RN, CEN 
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My name is Christine J. Chang.  All my years of formative schooling and collective experiences have empowered me to reach for a nursing career, which enables me to help others while at the same time provide me with different trajectories for personal growth and knowledge development.  Every day when I am beside my patients, I have every opportunity to mold and solidify my assessment tools, and to work collaboratively with a multi-faceted medical treatment team to help my patients achieve recovery.  I am a patient advocate and I recognize the importance of having strong assessment skills in order to address their and their families' needs.  For me nursing is my passion and it promises much more in terms of personal growth in areas of education and other specialties. 

In that vein when I become a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), I hope to use my advanced degree from Molloy College to further help a larger patient population and to also have the possibility to specialize in the field of Cardiology.  Another area of interest I am eager to explore is Nursing Education.  I was an Academic Health Science Tutor for Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, and Microbiology, and a Nursing Tutor and Mentor for the students in the Nursing Department at Queensborough Community College.  It has been very rewarding to be involved in the developmental phase of new nursing students because I can relate to them and can offer tutoring and counsel to them from one graduate nurse to a future nurse. 




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