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Betty Smith-Campbell 

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With over 30 years experience in nursing, I have had the opportunity to serve in several work and professional leadership positions.  I currently serve as Chairperson of the School of Nursing at Wichita State University. Other positions in academia include - Assistance Dean for Practice and Chair of a BSN program.    Professionally, I was elected to the board of the American Nurses Association (ANA) and as Chairperson of the Nominating Committee; I have held appointments on the American Nurses’ Credentialing Center Board and the ANA-PAC Board.  In Kansas, I have served as the elected President and Board member of the State Nurses Association, and I am currently active on the Kansas APRN Task Force working to implement regulatory changes consistent with the Consensus Model.

As a researcher, I study the influence policy has on access to health care, particularly how community health centers influence the health of the medically underserved.
I write and teach on issues related to policy and politics and have served as a legislative intern to the chairperson of the state Senate’s public health and welfare committee. I also teach a interprofessional course in the graduate certificate Public Health program and Doctorate of Nursing Practice on Population and Social Health Determinants

I started my career as someone who wanted to make a difference in the lives of individuals and selected nursing as a career to “help” people. My experience as a community health nurse, lead to expanding my concept of helping individuals to communities and populations with involvement in a multitude of community organizations. I recently served as a president/board member of the advocacy group: Kansas Health Consumer Coalition, whose mission is to advocate for affordable, accessible, and quality health care in Kansas.

I personally brought together community leaders to assess the health needs of the medically indigent in one Kansas County.  From this group of task force members I led the community in the formation of a not-for-profit organization to provide health care to individuals with limited incomes.  As President, I helped create Health Care Access, Inc., a state funded primary health care clinic. 

Participation in community organizations included membership of the county Community Coverage Initiative - volunteers included business owners, health care agencies and others in exploring ideas for affordable health coverage in the county. Other activities have included involvement in county health assessment committees, a Pandemic Influenza county work group, board of directors of home health organizations, immunization and primary care work task forces and health and social committees.  Internationally, I have participated in two health mission teams to Haiti.

I live in Andover with my husband and miniature dachshund. My favorite hobbies are working in the yard, jogging and hiking in the mountains.



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