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Amanda Thinesen 
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Major Degree: A.A.S. (Nursing)
Cell Phone: (917) 584-6731
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About Me

Welcome to my E-Portfolio! My name is Amanda Thinesen.  I was originally born in New York City, but was raised in Broadheadsville, Pennsylvania. After high school, I decided to attend Pennsylvania State University Berks Campus to major in Finance. Unhappy with my major, I started to explore other options. Six years earlier, my grandmother had passed away. She was an influential woman who had taught me to read. She also said I could be and do anything I wanted as long as I "put my mind to it."  This made selecting a major difficult, because I could begin anything, but I had to think about what was to be enjoyable to me as this was going to be my lifelong career. She had suffered from diabetes, renal failure, heart failure, and stomach cancer. At the time, I was not aware of her suffrage, except that she had diabetes and her shiny legs would swell up like balloons. I didn’t understand the pathophysiology, but I knew her management was minimal. Thinking back on this time, I felt she could have managed her illness better to prevent the severity of her symptoms and possibly prolong her life. I was motivated to understand what her symptoms were and why they occurred. This belief and passion allowed me to decide that I wanted to help others, not only care for the sick, but also to promote wellness and prevent illness. I want to work with a collaborative team and make a difference in the lives of others, while understanding the fundamentals and pathophysiology of disease processes. I want to be a nurse, an advocate, and a teacher.

In late 2006, I returned to New York to begin my nursing school career at Queensborough Community College. I am currently enrolled in a dual degree program and am pursuing my bachelor's and master's degrees at Molly College!  As you view my E-Portfolio, I know you will gain a better understanding of my arduous journey . I thoroughly enjoy gaining knowledge and staying ahead with my studies. Each day I strive to strengthen and improve my skills, not only personally, but professionally as well. 

In 2010, I graduated from Queensborough Community College's Nursing Program with an Associates in Applied Science. This was a very gratifying experience due to Queensborough's reputable and vigorous program which enabled me to gain a tremendous amount of knowledge and clinical skills as well. I became appreciative of the diversity of my peers and the nursing faculty and was exposed to a variety of cultures which enabled me to learn the true meaning of becoming culturally sensitive. This is a skill that I know was strengthened by this program and will enhance my ability to provide a more culturally sensitive approach to my patients that I may come across within my career. 

While attending Queensborough Community College, I was first elected to serve as the Second Vice President for the Student Nurses Association. During this time, changes were enacted to enhance student education which included implementing workshops. Also, I co-managed a successful web-based student group that allows for communication, education, and camaraderie for nursing students and faculty. The following semester, I served as the President of the Student Nurses Association and authored a comprehensive daily operations manual for the Student Nurses Association which can be referenced by any member. Moreover, during my presidency, I was instrumental in the procurement of a new logo for the Queensborough Nursing Program!

Furthermore, while attending Queensborough, I applied for a full study abroad scholarship to attend an International Global Citizenship seminar in Salzburg, Austria ( This international experience explored pressing issues of global concern from a perspective both literally and figuratively outside the borders of the United States. I left with the knowledge and skills to acquire a better understanding of the international political order, the global economy, worldwide social developments, what it means to be a global citizen, and most importantly the empowerment and envision to affect positive change in the community.During this memorable week, we traveled to Germany to visit The Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial site. After returning home, I was able to meet a Holocaust Survivor and hear him recount his survival at Dachau, escape to the United States, and his subsequent return to Germany to be a part of the United States Military Unit which liberated Dachau. This experience is one that I will never forget and truly had a powerful impact on me personally. It allowed me to be grateful for the little things in life especially my freedom, as well as a new found respect in my daily encounters with others.

I am extremely passionate about my career choice of becoming a Registered Nurse and truly feel communication to be of utmost importance, especially for patient safety. I believe in communication, not only with the patient and family, but across the healthcare continuum. I believe it is extremely significant to have continuity of care. Furthermore, I feel that it's vital to stay up to date with the field of nursing. There may be new and improved ways of providing care, based on evidence based practice, that will enable nurses to deal with a patient's situation more efficiently and increase their chances of having a successful outcome overall. 

  I look forward to gaining employment with an organization that shares the ideals and values that I do. Team work, communication, and quality of care are of utmost importance. I pride myself in doing an efficient job in all that I embark upon. I believe in being a strong and ambitious employee within an organization that prides itself, together, this is a recipe for success.

 Thank you for your time and consideration for employment. Please contact me if you have any questions. 



Career Interests
My plans are to further my career as a Registered Nurse.
Internship Interests
Summer of 2010: Internship with the Visiting Nurse Service of New York.
Academic Interests
I will pursue my dual degree at Molloy College in a timely manner.

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