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Angela Nelson  Certified faculty
Popular Culture

Bowling Green State University

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Office Phone: 419-372-0284 Fax Number: 419-372-2577
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Greetings from Angela M. Nelson
Thanks for visiting my website! Please feel free to browse the information presented here. Occasionally, I will post blog entries related to my teaching, research, and service activities. If you have questions or would like to inquire about my research, please contact me at your earliest opportunity.
Angela Nelson, Associate Professor
Department of Popular Culture
Director, Center for Popular Culture Studies
Research Interests
Images of African Americans in television situation comedy and comic art; Cultural significance of African American music; Freshman college students and their introduction to study of popular culture and black popular culture
Teaching Interests
popular culture; African American popular culture; African American popular music; television situation comedy; black secular music; music of the United States; Baroque and Classical music; black sacred music; the art of listening to music; blues culture and tradition; rap music; American blues music; Rap and race; introduction to ethnic studies; ethnicity in America; teaching popular culture; television as popular culture; music as popular culture; African American popular music; television situation comedy; African American popular culture; blacks in television, 1950-present; popular culture and media theory
Consulting Interests
African American popular culture/black popular culture; African American popular music; Blacks in television; African American comic art; Curriculum vitae for faculty and graduate students; Teaching portfolios for college professors

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