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certification image Sexual Offender Treatment Specialist
Date: 08/04/2004
The certification process is divided into two parts. The first component is an instructional week (40 hours) in which program content is presented through lectures, multimedia presentations, group work, and discussion sessions. Some evening assignments augment classroom work and are designed to provide participants with individual and small group interactions. The second component involves completion of a practicum program. Working with the principal instructor, candidates develop two video/audio tapes and a written proposal to address each of the following areas: Sexual offender treatment - Individual/Group Resource and service development - Program Development Professional development - Staff/Community Training Candidates have six months to complete the practicum process which include a videotaped treatment session and videotaped training session along with a written program plan to be submitted for review.
certification image Qualified Supervisor, Mental Health Counselor
Date: 09/2008
certification image Licensed Mental Health Counselor – State of Florida
Type: LMHC
Date: 08/2005
certification image Licensed Professional Counselor – State of Georgia
Type: LPC
Date: 12/2007
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