Collect Your Lifelong Work History

Fully integrated into the eLearning environment, this innovative module lets educators and students store a wide array of materials to showcase performance and progress—an ever-changing collection of multimedia artifacts, course-created materials, blogs, discussions and wikis.

Faculty can meet students in their digital world and profoundly change the way they teach. Students can take their complete ePortfolio with them upon graduation and add to it indefinitely during further education and throughout their career.

Multimedia format

An easy-to-use multimedia format supports profiles, photos, videos and course-created artifacts, allowing a range of information to be presented to potential employers or evaluators in a compelling fashion.

Privacy options

With access controlled by the user, not the institution, students and faculty can select privacy settings and sharing options to allow peers, assessors, and outside reviewers to view different sections as appropriate.

Institutional assessments

Institutions can also collect work from student ePortfolios to document longitudinal student progress. These archive collections can be used for institutional assessments at the course, department, program, or institution level.

LMS Compatibility

Compatibility with most other learning management systems ensures seamless and efficient integration.

Integrated Epsilen Global Networking

The Epsilen Global Networking toolset is fully integrated into Epsilen ePortfolio, as it is throughout the system, allowing students and faculty to incorporate projects from their courses, or archive notes, blogs, and forum discussions.

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