Adolescent Literacy Conference - 2011
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In its 7th year of existence, the Adolescent Literacy Conference provides an opportunity for content area teachers (grades 4-12) to improve their knowledge base of content literacy acquisition and develop plans for 2011 fall implementation. Interaction between and among participants and facilitators on adolescent literacy issues is the primary emphasis of the conference.

The organizers and sponsors of the Adolescent Literacy Conference believe that literacy instruction is the key to increasing student achievement and graduation rates in our schools. Adolescents who are reluctant readers, have difficulty understanding or bringing meaning to print, quickly fall into a spiraling vacuum of unsuccessful learning experiences, and, therefore, may not graduate from high school.

Sponsors: Marian University and ForteEd Group
Featuring: Jim Burke, Kylene Beers & Bob Probst, and Alan November

The instruction has been delivered by national speakers and Indiana educators. The conference is honored to have had the thinking of Jim Burke, Kelly Gallagher, Tim Shanahan, Jeff Wilhelm, Laura Robb, Janet Allen, Steven Layne, Brett Hodus, Ashley Morgan, Stephanie Quinlan, and Michael Smith. Indiana educators, who are doing the work and increasing student achievement in disciplinary literacy, have had a profound impact oon classrooms in the state of Indiana, specifically central Indiana.

At the 2010 ALC conference, a leadership summit was offered in conjunction with the conference. Fifteen (15) leaders (principals, literacy coordinators, coaches, department chairs) attended this initial learning experience. Jim Burke and Tim Shanahan facilitated individually-tailored learning experiences, centered on critical questions, with the leaders. It is anticipated that this portion of the conference will grow exponentially as the state moves forward with its plan to increase the literacy acquisition of Indiana students in grades 4-12. The 2011 leadership summit will include intimate learning experiences with Jim Burke, Kylene Beers, Bob Probst, and Alan November. Additionally, conference planners will work with leaders to design and develop a learning event for “back at the ranch” applications in their schools.

Due to economic concerns regarding how to pay for conference attendees, the conference planners are working with sponsors to offer scholarships for those wishing to attend. Additionally, for every five persons an organization sends to the conference, a 90-minute training session will be available for their schools at no charge. Learning follow-up is critical to ongoing implementation of practice, and conference planners are committed to ensuring direct results in student achievement “back at the ranch.”

The 2012 conference has already scheduled Jim Burke and Kelly Gallagher.

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